Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pretty in Pink

After finishing the scrap sorting last week I was eager to start a new project, so I decided to make a start on using up some scraps..  Do you remember the pile of 5" squares I had cut?

There were 80 squares in that pink pile on the left and were calling me to make something for my granddaughter whose favourite colour just happens to be pink.  I wanted something that would be scrappy, but still have a unified look to it.  I hunted around the internet, and my Pinterest boards and decided on the Disappearing Nine-Patch block.  I already had two charm packs of Kona white so they could be used, and I found some pink and red spot fabric in my stash I'd bought in Ikea earlier this year.  The white and the spot would be in every block.  I made each block using four scrap squares for the corners, one pink spot square for each centre, and four white squares for the outer middle squares.  That sounds complicated but as a picture paints a thousand words here's one to show you what I mean.

I made twenty blocks like this. Chain-piecing them meant they came together so quickly.  I really surprised myself how quick it was.  Then came the fun part.  I cut through the middle of the block, both vertically and horizontally like this.

Then I rotated the top left and the bottom right squares through 180 degrees, leaving the other two squares alone.  They now looked like this.

This was then sewn together to make the completed block.

The block measured 13 1/2" square, which when set in a 4x5 formation and sewn together would be just a bit too big for the fleece throw I want to use for the backing, so I trimmed the blocks down to 12 1/2", making sure I measured 6 1/4" from the centre line on all four sides so that I kept the pattern equal.

 The completed top. I love the way the cut white blocks form that cross pattern.  I'm thinking I'll hand quilt around the inside of those crosses to emphasise them a bit more.

 Although not completely made from scraps, I'm putting this down as another item for the Scrap Challenge.


  1. love this quilt, the disappearing 9 patch block is one of my favourites your granddaughter is sure to love this

  2. This is amazing, I am sure your grand daughter will love it. I love working with scraps too.

  3. Any granddaughter would be lucky and likely very tickled to receive this, especially with a cuddly fleece backing!

  4. This is a great take on the disappearing nine patch, which I had not seen before. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  5. I love pink, I love the DNP and I love your quilt ... aahhh, thanks for sharing, Joan :)

  6. I love doing a disappearing nine patch because you can lay out in so many variations. Great job you did on using up your scraps and the pink is so girly and cute.

  7. Lovely quilt, great use of your scraps, your grand daughter will love it..

  8. Made my first D9P for my sister and she loves it and I am very happy with how it turned out.
    I love yours. The white and the boy's quilt orange just burst thru and look superb.