Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown

I made this up on Wednesday evening for my five year old granddaughter.  She came over on Thursday after school and tried it on but I forgot to take any photos of it.  I went over to see her this afternoon, but no amount of bribery would get her to put it on for me so I could have a photo of her wearing it.  She can be really stroppy when she wants to be.  All I can say is that the colour really suits her as she is very blond and has lovely blue eyes.  This is really just the toile to see if the pattern is suitable for making up in a 'good' fabric'.  The neckline is a bit low for her and the bodice needs to be about 2 inches longer, but I can easily adjust the pattern for next time.  The fabric is something I picked up in a charity shop some time ago.  It's cotton but was only 34" wide from selvedge to selvedge, and it wasn't printed right up to the edges.   I had to cut 2" from each selvedge to get rid of the white strip. I think it might have been a test piece for some screen printing.   It was really cheap, though, so this dress can be used for play dates this summer.

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  1. I love the print of the fabric you used - I actually made this exact dress pattern for my daughter and felt the neckline was also way too deep/big. I made it in fall colors so she was able to wear it with a turtleneck under it - so I felt I was able to make it work.

    Also - I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. These little awards can be silly but fun and I really love reading about all of your projects so I thought it would be nice to spread the word. Here is my post about the Liebster: