Thursday, 10 March 2016

Splendid Sampler #8

I decided not to do the #7 block.  It was all embroidery and it wouldn't have sat well with the other pieced blocks I've made so far. I might come back to it though.  I'm thinking it might be good with a pieced border around the outside.

This block is called Friends Around the Square and is designed by Julie Karasek.
This one came together really easily and needed minimal trimming. 


  1. looking good, I must catch up have 4 6 and 7 to do, will do 4 as embroidery as applique is beyond me and I came to quilting from the embroidery world so will be good to do some more

  2. Hello. I was admiring your rendition of "Friends Around the Block" and just had the thought to drop by your blog. It's a wonder that we can travel through cyberspace and meet people the world over just as if they were friends around the block.