Thursday, 21 November 2013

Plodding On

This week I've just been plodding on with stuff.  My daughter has asked me to make a crochet blanket for a friend's baby, and she wants it by next Friday, so I've been busy crocheting away, but I've tried to do a little bit of sewing each day, just to keep up.

The Quilty Fun Sew Along block for this week is Courthouse Steps so didn't take very much time to make at all, and I loved choosing all the little colourful scraps to make it.

The Farmer's Wife quilt is supposed to be on the back burner for now but I couldn't resist making just one more.

#39 - Friendship

I made this block using stitch and flip corners and so there were some 'bonus' triangles left over.  I could have just put them in my scrap box but thought I could do something with them there and then.  I played around with them for a short while and then came up with this which I shall add to the quilt.

#114 - Bonus

I haven't a problem adding my own blocks to the quilt.  It's not as if it's for a competition or anything, and I think the original farmers' wives would have not wanted to waste anything, just like me.


  1. Scrappy quilts are my favorite- your blocks look great!
    Don't forget to show us a photo of your crochet project :)

  2. 3 very nice blocks, love courthouse steps, I made a shopping bag out of some.

  3. I agree! your bonus block should definitely go into the quilt! your fabrics and your blocks are lovely!

    Thanks for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation