Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nine More FWQ Blocks and Monthly Round-Up

End of heatwave = more sewing.  Hurrah!  The cooler temperature, along with a couple of days of rain, has meant that I've been able to spend a couple of days at home just sewing.  As you can see from the title of this post I have completed nine more 6 1/2" blocks this week for my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  One of these small blocks has 64 pieces!  Can you see which one?  I'm just loving making these.

#38 - Four Winds

#41 - Friendship Star

#48 - Homeward Bound

#54 - Kitchen Woodbox

#55 - Linoleum

#56 - Maple Leaf

#61 - Northern Lights

#62 - Old Windmill

#64 - Peace and Plenty

All made using the scrumptious 'Marmalade' by Bonnie and Camille.  My heart goes topsy-turvy just working with these fabrics; I love them so much.

My July output has been mainly taken up with making these FMQ blocks.  Here's all 22 of them spread out on my living room carpet.  I'd like to take them outside to photograph as the light is so much better out there, but naughty puppy would only run off with them.

I've also made a teeny-tiny needle case with scraps,

 and started a leader/ender project to use up the Chambray Rose leftovers. (see last blog post for these)

And to finish, Molly is four months old now and has very definite views on how my garden should look.

She has decided that I need a flowerbed around my washing line post and has made a start on the digging.

Hole?  What hole?


  1. Beautiful blocks! Molly is so cute, surely all washing lines need flowers?!

  2. Nice blocks and what an innocent look of Molly :-)

  3. Your blocks are so pretty and that puppy looks totally innocent ;)

  4. Congratulations Joan your blocks are pretty amazing. Love the material in the Homeward Bound block. This will be a fabulous quilt. Stopping by from Lily's Quilts. Have a great day ..........Marie (

  5. How gorgeous are your blocks!

  6. I absolutely love your blocks! You just can't go wrong with Bonnie & Camille's fabric!

  7. Your blocks look great, and I really like your fabric choices.

  8. Your blocks are just lucious! colors are very eye appealing, corners matching. Love the pup!

  9. What a sweet looking sampler you are putting together.

  10. Your blocks are looking great! Hole? What hole? Our garden suffers with the same doggy problem! :-)