Thursday, 11 July 2013

Farmer's Wife continued

After last week's two-block start on my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt I've managed to complete six more this week.

#9 - Box

#10 - Bowtie

#11 - Broken Dishes

#12 - Broken Sugar Bowl

#16 - Calico Puzzle

#20 - Churn Dash

I've started with the easy blocks that I can rotary cut and are mainly made up of HSTs and straight blocks to get me used to working on a small scale.  I'm loving drafting out the patterns and choosing the methods to piece them, but  what seems to take me the longest amount of time is choosing the combination of fabric to make them from.  I'm glad I bought some matching solids for the Marmalade collection as too many prints together can lose the pattern entirely.

I've done hardly any hand quilting on the Starry Sampler Quilt as it's been too hot to be draped in a quilt.  I can see that getting done more in the winter.


  1. Wow. Your blocks are beautiful. I can't get enough of the Farmer's Wife blocks. I just started the quilt myself and have completed 3 blocks so far.

  2. I love Farmer's Wife blocks. I made some of them to the quilting barn project. You can find them on my blog.

  3. Oh, you are inspiring me to get back to the farmer's wife blocks!