Friday, 11 January 2013


Last August I started making some of the Craftsy Block-of-the-Month squares.  This was a very good introduction for me as I am very new to quilting and piecing.  Amy Gibson's tutorial videos were very easy to follow and included so many helpful tips.  I bought a few fat quarters of likely fabric and used a few scraps that I already had.  I made 12 blocks and then felt empowered with knowledge and went on to make a few quilts, but now I want to finish these blocks.  I don't like all of them and am still too scared to try curved piecing, so I have substituted other blocks for those.  I intend to make 16 blocks in all.  These are the latest two I've made this week.

This one is called Moth in the Window and measures 12 1/2"square.  I saw this one on but it was a 6" block, so I resized it.  I'm getting quite good at working out cutting plans for blocks.  I draw the block out on squared paper using one square per half inch, and I colour it in with my grandchilren's colouring pencils.  This one was really easy to cut and piece.  I cut a strip the width of fabric in floral and cream, seamed them along the longest edge and then cut the desired lengths from that.  Much easier than sewing lots of little pieces.

This one is one of the Craftsy blocks.  It's foundation pieced onto a cream square (the bit showing in the middle of each quarter).  I'd like to make a whole quilt using this block, but I think I would use paper foundations as it comes out very thick with two layers of fabric plus all those seams.

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