Saturday, 26 January 2013

2013 BOMs

I seem to have subscribed to five different Block of the Months at the last count.  I thought that I would need a different range of fabrics for each one, and make five different quilts.  These would all need finishing around the same time towards the end of the year, but the thought of having five to finish at the same time doesn't really appeal.   I also don't have a stash of fabric to pull from, and buying new fabric for five quilts all at once is out of the question, so this is what I'm planning on doing.

I have quite a lot of the Chambray Rose by Shabby Chic range leftover from this quilt so I will use this.  I thought that I'd like another colour in with the blues, so I've bought some lovely faded red fabric called Clermont Farms by Polly Minick and Lauri Simpson for Moda, and some Kona Snow for the backgrounds. I'm going to use this for all of the BOMs until it's used up, or I have enough blocks to make a quilt.  So my quilts will be made with a mixture of blocks from all the different BOMs, and then I can get some more fabric for the next lot of blocks.  This way I will be finishing my quilts throughout the year instead of all at the same time.  So here are the fabrics I will be using.

And here is the first block for the first quilt of this year's BOM.  It is from the Sisters' Ten Modern Block of the Month from Gen X Quilters and is called Grandmother's Frame.

Now I see it here I can see that I have arranged my corner squares differently to the pattern, but I quite like it my way, so they're staying.  Maybe I should rename it  Grandmother Joan's Frame instead.

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  1. That's a very pretty block. You can't go wrong with red and blue.