Friday, 28 June 2013

June Round-up

I always start my end of month round-up by making a collage of my finished projects.  This month that step hardly seems worth it as the finishes are very few and far between.  This is what I have achieved.

Two churn dash blocks sent of to Sarah for a Siblings Together quilt, and the last three blocks for my starry sampler quilt. I 've managed to sash and border it this week so it's now ready for quilting. I'm going to hand quilt this one so don't expect this to be finished any time soon.  Luckily Wimbledon is on at the moment so I can sit and watch tennis and stitch away to my heart's content.

Luckily, Molly is showing a keen interest in tennis, too.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

And Finally, nos. 14,15 & 16.

I have made a big effort this week to get the last three blocks made for my Sampler quilt.  It started of as a Combined BOM for 2013, using blocks from many different BOMs, but then I hit a stumbling block as there were some block designs that just didn't seem to fit, so as I found a block I liked, I included it in this quilt.  The early blocks all seemed to have a star-like theme so I continued to find other starry blocks.  Now I have   sixteen I think that will be a nice size.

A very naughty puppy has managed to chew up my book that I draft out my blocks in, so I can't remember the names or sources of these last three blocks, so I've just given them numbers, not names.




And finally here are all the completed blocks in one place.

Sorry about the quality of that photo.  I took it in the living room at the front of the house which doesn't get very good light owing to a huge tree opposite my house that blocks it out (it was a very small sapling when we moved here 30 years ago).

I'm going to add soft white sashings with red cornerstones now, and then think about border, backing and binding.  I'm going to hand quilt it, too.

Just to finish up, here's a photo of that naughty puppy, Molly, at 12 weeks, looking as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Siblings Together Quilt blocks

Last month Sarah over at Sew Me asked for some Churn Dash blocks to make into a quilt for the Siblings Together charity.  She specified colours suitable for a boy quilt and I hunted through my very limited stash and decided I could make two.  These two will be in the post this afternoon and on their way to Northern Ireland.

A very simple block to make and they didn't take very long to do, but that is my total output this week.  This little lady is taking up all my time.  Molly is now eleven weeks old and is about twice the size she was  when we got her three weeks ago.

Next week she can start to socialise with other dogs so I've been arranging 'play dates' with neighbours for her.  She also starts Puppy School on Monday.  That'll be fun!