Monday, 4 April 2016

#15 Family Affair

This block for my Splendid Sampler QAL is called Family Affair and was designed by Janice Ryan.  I wasn't going to make this one as it is paper-pieced and I've never attempted that, but being at a loose end yesterday I read through several tutorials and had a go.

My first difficulty was choosing my fabrics.  As I'm only using red and neutral fabrics I wanted to make sure that each shape was distinct and stood out against the others.   Also, these shapes are very small and so a large pattern would be lost.  It must have taken me about an hour just to choose the right combination.  

The paper-piecing was easy to pick up once I got into a rhythm, but I didn't like the amount of scraps it made. Also, because of the method used I wan't able to press the seams open and so it's quite bulky in places, especially where the points taper.  

I'm pleased that I've learnt a new technique and I know now that I can use it again when it's called for.

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  1. what a great job you have done on your first paper piecing, I have not been able to get my head round how to do it, seem to have a mental block but you have done a wonderful block